Top 5 King of the World's Richest Oil

1. Charles and David Koch

                                 Total wealth: Each valued at US $ 34 billion

Two brothers, Charles and David Koch to make money the old fashioned way is a family inheritance. Both companies, Koch Industries founded by his father, Fred Koch successfully developed a new way to process crude oil into oil.

Despite having four children, only David and Charles, who now leads a variety of Koch Industries. The company is listed as the second largest private company in the US with total sales per year to reach US $ 115 billion.

The brothers had never hesitate to talk to the media and well-known free-wheeling. From the family legacy company, David and Charles each scored a total net worth of US $ 34 billion.

2. Mukesh Ambani

                                               Total wealth: $ 21.5 billion

Oil tycoon of Indian origin is the richest man in the country. Currently Ambani led Reliance Industries, an oil company founded by his father.

Although Reliance Industries began to explore the textile industry, but under Ambani's leadership, the company has become a major player in the oil world.

Reliance listed as the owner of the world's largest refinery. Bisnes family legacy also has a strong investment in telecommunications and beyond gas.Besides exploration business, Ambani is known as one of the most expensive property owners entrepreneurs in the world.

3. Mikhail Fridman

                                                   Total wealth: $ 16.5 billion

Men born in Ukraine a third most important shareholder in Alfa Group of Russia. Together with some of his business associates, Fridman founded a joint venture in the oil field.

Studying in Moscow, 49-year-old man became a billionaire after wage in the business world thanks to the oil company TNK-BP was established in 2012.

In addition to the oil business, Fridman is also a shareholder in the company the largest mobile operator in Ukraine, Kyivstar, and telecommunications companies Turkstar.

4. Viktor Vekselberg

                                            Total wealth: US $ 15.1 billion

Oil super-rich businessmen from Russia, Viktor Vekselberg is very different from other business associates. He was known as a humble profile though is one of the richest men in the world.

The oil company TNK-BP established which he founded with other business associates has been a source of wealth.

In addition, he is also known to be familiar with the Russian President.

Just like other millionaires, this guy really liked the artwork. He did not even hesitate to buy one of the world's great works of art valued at US $ 100 million.

5.Vagit Alekperov

                                                Total wealth: US $ 14.8 billion

One more Russian oil tycoon Vagit Alekperov, who became one of the world's billionaires. At the age of 63, spent most of his life for a career.

He began his career in the oil drilling Soveit Union. After that his career ,he continued to climb until he either became president of LUKoil in 1992 and became CEO in 1993.

Wealth and oil empire will be inherited by the child to be a family business to the next.

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