Investing Your Property For Renting

Investing Your Property For Renting

As a landlord, tenancy (house for rent) is the best source of income. Apart from choosing your tenants, you may want to upgrade your property to be more presentable to the public, as well as your future tenants. However, huge renovations
often cost a fortune and may not be affordable by most landlords, thus you may have some affordable DIY upgrades to your property. Upgraded property will have a more presentable view and looks more cozy to future tenants, therefore might decrease
the turnover rate and secure more long-term tenants.

Walls and floors

Firstly, walls and floors are the most area of your property, thus it is important
to perform a little upgrades on them to make your property more spacious and
presentable. Make sure that the colour of your walls and floors matches the same
colour tones; if you cannot decide which colours to your walls and floors, neutral
colours such as white, beige, cream will be the best choice. If you think normal
painting is too plain, you may try texture painting such as sand texture, creating a
matte look to your rooms. You may also make use of the vertical spaces of your walls by hanging some décor such as paintings or pot plants. However, do not overdo this as it will create a messy wall. Geometry or simple graffiti paint designs will be suitable for a simple look. For floors, you may choose to install floor tiles and they come in different patterns such as pin wheel, diagonal. Otherwise, you may choose different flooring materials such as carpet, vinyl and wood.


You may need to be careful in furniture choices. Furniture should be the same
colour tone as your walls and floors, try to avoid sharp or contradicted colours of your
furniture. Depends on your preferences, you may choose furniture with patterns such as faux wood, creating a vintage mood to your space. Also, you may want to avoid
bulky furniture that may take up most of your space in your property, thus creating a crowded space. To save some space, you may also purchase multi-usage furniture,
such as the 2-in-1 bench, which may function as both bench and coffee table;
collapsible sofa-bed also can be collapsed to a small size after expanding it. For armchairs and sofas, avoid too many pillows as it will create a clustered impression.


The lighting in the room is important when it comes to presentation of property to your future tenants. You may install a bluetooth dimmer switch that you can dim the lights in the room manually using a mobile phone. Also, you may recycle old wine glass bottles to hanging lights by attaching light bulbs inside it. For dark bathroom, you may also install string lights at the edges of bathroom cabinets, this is able to avoid any accidents during navigating through dark bathrooms. If you need a reading light in the living room, you also may install a reading light mounted on the wall or near the sofa to upgrade your reading experience. You may also install a motion sensor on outdoor or indoor light fixtures to control the lighting inside or outside of the house. To save electricity, you may use LED lights, which is more electrical saving than normal lightbulbs.

Storage system

In your property, your tenants may have plenty of things to store in the house.
However, storage room may be space consuming. By overcoming this, you may
install a storage room door behind a book shelf to save space. You may also install
floating cabinets on your vertical spaces to store stuffs such as books, pot plants or
mugs. For organising the utensils, you may install hooks along the edges of cabinets
in the kitchen. Apart from vertical spaces, you may also have storage under the floors
if your house has a high platform, this might come in handy if your tenants need to store large things such as blankets, foldable table or mattress.

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