How To Create and Manage Pages On Blogger

BLOGGER blog needs a 'About us', 'Advertise Here' or 'Contact us' section and it's pages option is the way you could do that.
              How To Create and Manage Pages On Blogger

Creating and managing those pages are easy as creating a post in the blog. Very recently; Its updated Blogger dashboard and made changes in the 'Pages' tab for the purpose of making information management easier for the bloggers.

Because of this change now you not only can create or change a page; also you will get smart about the stats pages. You will not have any problem to adapt with this new change because it's almost exactly like managing posts for your blog.

In this post you will know how to create and manage pages in your blog blogger thoroughly appropriately.

Changes in 'Pages' tab of Blogger

The new changes in tab pages by blogger will allow you;

1-See which pages are where; whether in the draft, imported, or published section.

2-Get information like; page views, comments count, publish date; the author / user who made the page.

3-With the selection tools manage multiple pages.

Creating a New Page in Blogger

For creating or editing a Page in bloggers follow these instructions;

1-Go to 'Pages' in your Blogger dashboard and click 'New page'. If you want to edit a existing page; then select the page (move the mouse cursor to the page) and click 'Edit'.

2-Now in the editor, you write a page. if you want to add JavaScript or other functionality then go to the 'HTML' tab of the editor. Also give a tittle.

3-Your Page Tittle will be used as a permalink in blogger.

4-If you are done click publish but before you do that do consider applying the following tips.

Adding Meta Tags and Description to a Blogger Page

Before you Publish your page you should add Meta / Search description and Meta tags. Blogger lets you to easily change the meta tags.

1- On the right side of the page editor you will find 'Search Description', 'Options' and 'Custom Robots Tags' sections under 'Page Settings'.

2-Write a description that suits you the page and click' Done'.In 'Options' section; if you do not want to receive comment for the page just change the 'Reader comments'. Only change others if you need to.

3-In 'Custom Robots Tags'; at first you will see the 'default' is ticked. If you need to change; uncheck the 'default' and make your change necessary. Read our post about meta tags in blogger to get an idea about them.

4-If you can not find them and want to use 'Search Description', and 'Custom Robots Tags' sections under 'Page Settings'. First you will need to enable the blogger's meta description or search description and custom robots header tags.

Using Blogger Pages Widget

For adding links or widget you with links to pages in your blog you could:

1-Go to 'Layout' tab of your blog and click on 'Add a Gadget'.

2-Find the' Pages 'widget, you need to customize it and click' Save'.

3-To get a Horizontal list, add the Pages Widget under the header of the blog and for a vertical list, add a Pages Widget to a side column or sidebar.

I hope these information helped you to understand the blogger pages.

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