Five Biggest Video Game Releases In October

                               An unlikely friendship is forged in ‘The Last Guardian.’ — Picture courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept 5  Look ahead to five more of October 2016’s biggest video game releases, including toy-game hybrid Skylanders Imaginators, team-based action games Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2, grand strategy affair Civilisation VI, and a very long awaited adventure in The Last Guardian.

Skylanders Imaginators
PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC, Wii U, PlayStation 3
October 16
Though this year’s Skylanders edition will feature the usual raft of collectible figurines used to unlock in-game characters and features  20 of them, known as Senseis a new Creation Crystal piece allows players to design and share their own in-game hero. A Netflix TV series is to arrive around the same time.

Battlefield 1
PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC
October 21
Adopting World War I as its backdrop, the team-based first-person action game features period weaponry, costume, and the usual blend of air, land and sea vehicles. A raft of downloadable content will follow the game’s release.

Civilisation VI
Windows PC
October 21
The long-running strategy franchise returns with a more sophisticated approach to city sprawl and zoning, as players once more take their struggling, hopeful tribe on a course towards world renown (or extinction). Technological research and cultural breakthroughs have also been reworked, while AI leaders will be more reflective of their historical selves.

The Last Guardian
PlayStation 4
Week of October 25
A boy, imprisoned, teams up with a winged beast to escape whatever unpleasant fate had been in store for them. In the works since 2007 and, at points, considered a lost cause, the long awaited The Last Guardian completes an ambitious, atmospheric and, by now, iconic trilogy that began on PlayStation 2 with Ico (2001) and Shadow of the Colossus (2005).

Titanfall 2
PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC
October 28
Nimble, athletic pilots and lumbering, powerful mechanical giants combine for a second round; studio Respawn, whose heritage is linked with the Call of Duty franchise, is looking to build on both single-player storylines and multiplayer action with new Titans, abilities, maps, and options. -AFP

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